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Arcade & Merchandisers


The E-Claw is Elaut’s new attractive crane and is fully equipped with environment-friendly RGB LED lighting, drawing major attention to anyone that walks by it.This crane can be seen in a variety of settings so give us a call and let us create a crane that suits your venue with high end product.

Specifications: H 83″ W 35.5″ D 41.74″ – 463 Lbs

ELAUT Crane – Single

The ELAUT 780 series model are solid, modern designed cranes with the newest technologies and the ability to create your own unique look with endless possibilities. This crane also features very low power consumption thanks to LED lighting.

Specifications: H 79″ W 31″ D 36″ – 327 Lbs.

ELAUT Crane – Double

The “double 1 player” crane is a ’two in one’ player and can be operated with two different prices and two different settings. The price will be dropped in the middle so prices won’t be mixed while playing.

Specifications: H 79″ W 58″ D 36″ – 512 Lbs


Key Master

Keymaster will test players as they try to unlock prizes by putting the key in “just” the right spot!
  • Simple to play joystick & button controls
  • Brightly lit all steel cabinet

Specifications: H 87″ D 44″ W 42″ – 661 Lbs.


BarBerCut is that perfect, easy-to-understand, addictive game, literally slicing through the competition!
The concept? Make the scissors cut a string and release your hanging prize. When players notice a cut string hanging in the machine, (symbolizing a prize that another person has already won), they feel compelled to try, instantly making this game more addicting than any other and those repeat-plays will land right in your cash box!

Specifications: H 75″ W 37″ D 38″


STACKER CLUB is a Simple and Exciting Block Stacking Game! Players simply press the start or stop button to stack moving blocks directly on top of each other. Players can choose to win the Minor Prize at the 11th level or continue pitting their skills to win a Major Prize at the 15th level! This quick play game generates revenue!

Specifications: H 78.74” W 28.59” D 29.92”

Color Match

Color Match is an exciting merchandising game of skill! Players match colors on a rotating disk to win a prize! The closer that you get to the MAJOR prize, the faster the colors come!
  • LED Multi-Glow lighting effects
  • Major, Minor & Win Every Time options
  • Steel and tempered glass cabinet

Specifications: W 46″ H 89.4″ D 25.3 – 550 Lbs

Mr. Claw

For larger and high traffic locations the Mr. Claw crane is the solution. The Mr. Claw can be filled with candy-mixes or novelty toys. The Mr. Claw cranes have solid metal cabinets, are fully audible, have easily accessible electronics bays, and come with a removable control panel and a four-point locking system.

Specifications: H 78″ W 30″ D 37″ – 364 Lbs.


The popular 42″ Pinnacle Crane
The large glass area provides maximum viewing and  the extra capacity playfield is perfect for high volume locations!


Specifications: H 78″ W 42″ D 42″ – 598 Lbs

Candy Crane House

With the new Candy Crane House, Kids of all ages will be drawn from all around to this bright, attractive candy crane. From the bright candy rope lights and light-up roof to the big lollipop on top, this crane will keep them coming back over and over again. Perfect as a “winner every time” piece! Fits through standard doorways with its roof attached, and fits under standard 8′ ceilings with lollipop topper added.

Specifications: H 77” (89” w/ Lollipop topper) W 25” D 28” – 230 Lbs

Golden Tee Golf

Golden Tee is a perfect addition to many places such as bars, restaurants and more! With online play, players can compete against golfers from around the world! The latest installment, Golden Tee 2016, features new concepts that appear to both the casual and experienced players and courses bring players to new heights (literally)!

Specifications: W x” H x” D x – xxx Lbs


This unique boxing machine gives players the joy of boxing. The shape of this cabinet guarantees maximum safety for a player during the game. Bright LED lights attract players to play and play, producing amazing profits in a wide variety of locations from bars to pubs and many other public areas. Player scores are displayed on the large LED Display Panel.

Specifications: H 85” W 28” D 51” – 436 Lbs

The Walking Dead

The AMC hit TV series The Walking Dead has been officially transformed into an arcade gaming experience unlike any other. With an authentic crossbow controller, players aim to take their shot at the undead and rescue the innocent. Interior lighting and a bone shaking Thrill-D sound system will keep players on the edge of their seat as they struggle through swarms of walkers to reach safety. Fast paced action and movement demand precision accuracy and quick reflexes. Additional armaments, such as nail guns, knives, crowbars, and more, will aid the player in escaping from the dead. Rescuing fellow survivors from the oncoming horde grants players a health bonus, which reduces the odds that they too will join the ranks of the Walking Dead. Play with friends or play by yourself, if you dare!

Specifications: W 100″ H 54″ D 84″

Jurassic Park

In Jurassic Park Arcade™ you must rescue the dinosaurs on an island run amok! Use your high-powered tranquilizer gun to subdue menacing dinosaurs and restore order to the island.


  • Based on the Hit Movie Franchise
  • Massive 55 inch HD LCD display
  • Family-friendly gameplay
  • 9 Exciting Missions
  • Over 30 species of Dinosaur
  • High-reliability Guns
  • Over 1000 Dynamic color-changing LED’s
  • Cutting edge graphics and sound
  • Lighted giant Dino topper and Jurassic Park Logo

Specifications: W 53″ H 103″ D 80″


Become the famous “Caped Crusader”, then choose one of 10 Batmobiles in order to rid Gotham City streets of criminals, trying to defeat villains like Bane, Mr. Freeze and The Joker!!
  • Mission based games encourages play.
  • Massive glowing “Bat Emblem”
  • (500) Cabinet LED Lights
  • (36) Missions To Choose From
  • (1) Aerial Mission
  • Cinematic “Boss Battles”
  • (6) Awesome Power Up’s

Specifications: H 79″ W 44″ D 76.5″ – 597 Lbs

Aliens Armageddon

In Aliens Armageddon™ a Xenomorph plague is unleashed on Earth causing apocalyptic devastation. Mankind’s only hope for survival is to fight their way to a deep space cargo ship and leave the Earth behind. Aliens features a 55 inch LED cabinet, enhanced gun system, eye catching Aliens topper and four frantic levels of non-stop shooting action, with players battling an onslaught of all new alien enemies.

Specifications: W 110″ H 53″ D 60


Terminator Salvation

Capturing all of the thrills and excitement of the mega-hit movie, no expense was spared in designing a cabinet that captures the essence of Terminator Salvation! With glowing neon rifle holders and a replica T-600 marquee topper with gleaming red eyes, this is a “showcase” piece.
Players are right on the firing line as droves of T-600 robots attempt to thwart their resistance.
Terminator Salvation is sure to promote high traffic, high replay and longevity in earnings.

Specifications: H 103″ W 28″ D 62″

Big Buck HD

Big Buck HD WILD transports you to the prehistoric land of the Irish Elk and the monstrous zombie takeover of Pappy’s Land, all in one update. Chase down the majestic Irish Elk and new dangerous trophy animals from 900 B.C. Enjoy three new bonus games; Wild West, Cockroaches, and Volcano! This is just the beginning with a new animal and new bonus games being released in 2016 and 2017. The update gets even more WILD with your chance to defeat the undead in In Case of Zombies: Doe of the Dead.

It doesn’t stop with zombie humans, but includes zombie raccoons, chickens, deer, and even a zombie bear. Redeem buck points in the new and improved General Store and play your against friends in the improved Big Buck HD tournament system. Tournaments are revamped to include high stakes and a competitive new ranking system that allows players keep track of how they match up to buck hunters around the country. GO WILD with the new Big Buck HD Update, your trigger finger will thank you! Play Mechanix and Raw Thrills take The Big Buck Hunter series Hi Def to create Big Buck® HD, the most realistic and entertaining arcade hunting game ever created.


Specifications: H 84.5″ W 32.5″ D 29.5″

Snow Cross

Finally Be Part Of The Winter X Games! SnoCross is the latest racer from Raw Thrills. A 42″ LCD panel for HD graphics and a motion seat allows players to feel like they are part of the action. SnoCross has 6 snowmobile racers, 6 killer sleds, and insane custom upgrades. Plus travel the world by riding on 7 intense tracks in France, Antarctica, China, Alaska, Washington D.C., Moscow and Colorado. This game is officially licensed from ESPN and racers are able to perform the same sick tricks as seen in the X Games. Huge airtime gives you even more time to try crazy tricks. Throw snowballs at your opponents to battle for the lead. You can also share your scores to Facebook via personalized QR codes. An ultra-high marquee and a brightly colored cabinet draw in players from across the room. Link up to 8 cabinets together to create a competitive atmosphere.

Specifications: W 43″ H 83.75″ D 83.375

Cruisin’ Blast

Cruis’n Blast, developed by the Raw Thrills studio team, takes Cruis’n into the new millennium as players zoom 200 mph through the bustle of London, blast through the exotic wonders of Madagascar, celebrate Carnival in Rio, amaze to the hi tech splendor of Singapore, and drive an earth-shaking thriller through Death Valley.

Specifications: W 44″ H 93″ D 85″


Start your engines because the official fully licensed MotoGP Arcade Game is here! Lean into turns on an authentic MotoGP motorcycle and take your shot at racing against famous riders like Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo and Marc Marquez. A stunning HD display, a front facing camera, and a front mounted fan lets you and your friends feel the thrill of the fastest bikes in the world. Online connectivity not only allows stat tracking to see how you stack up against your competition, but also allows you to race other riders locally or in other locations! Try out your skills in Novice, Normal, and Pro difficulty levels while you race on 10 famous MotoGP circuits from around the world.

Specifications: H 83″ W 43″ D 82″

Super Bikes

Super Bikes is now in Hi-Def! With a 42” LCD, 10 never-before seen tracks, all new light show and tons of electrifying effects, Super Bikes 2 will blow your mind! Race through Moab as fighter jets attack UFOs, descend into the haunted catacombs of Paris, and dodge giant worms in hyperspace. Escape elephants in the jungles of Thailand, jump through the flaming hoops of Vegas, run with the bulls in Spain and cruise through the unbelievable snow-covered mountaintops of the Himalayas.
Choose from 9 riders and 12 bikes with multiple tricked-out upgrades for engines, decals, tires and more! Players can create a unique PIN to save and track their statistics. Super Bikes 2 retains all the exciting components as the original Super Bikes, and is built on a highly reliable system featuring RIO and DELL computers.

Specifications: H 78.5″ W 45.25″ D 86″

Fast N Furious SuperCars

Raw Thrills SuperCars™ unleashes 6 world class licensed Supercars onto a record breaking 27 tracks from all over the world to create the ultimate arcade street racing experience. Go head to head with up to 8 game linking. Now top it off with world class 1080p 42” HD LED graphics, force feedback steering, 3-D sound system, and a slick cockpit style cabinet. What you get is unmatched play appeal, depth, and longevity of income.

Specifications: H 83.125″  W 42.5″ D 67.5″

Fast N Furious SuperCars – Double

The Fast & Furious™ movie series is all about the merging of technology and muscle. Raw Thrills combines technology and muscle to produce 2011’s leading driving game for the world: FAST & FURIOUS™ SUPERCARS™! The classic franchise screams into the new decade with true hi-def resolution, a 1080p display, and a slick attention-grabbing cabinet. And as with all Raw Thrills games, SUPERCARS™ is designed from the ground up for reliability and durability. FAST & FURIOUS™ SUPERCARS™ features 27 scorching tracks, 10 all-new cars from the hottest makers, and a fresh new sound package. As with all Raw Thrills racing games, FAST & FURIOUS™ SUPERCARS™ is linkable to 8 positions. SUPERCARS™ also features our standard PIN account system, which builds player loyalty without expensive and high-maintenance card systems.

Specifications: H 83.125″  W 85″ D 67.5″

Fast and the Furious Drift

“The sequel to the Best Selling Racing Game of the 21st Century!”
Drift features 12 fully licensed exotic cars and 7 new Japanese tracks in addition to all 12 original tracks from “The Fast and Furious”. Players can now upgrade their car by adding credits to mod their ride even faster!

Specifications: H 78″ W 34″ D 63″


Silver Strike Live

While Silver Strike has been online for years in Silver Strike Bowler’s Club, Silver Strike LIVE takes the online component to the next level. As was the case with SSBC, players still have the ability to track their stats and averages. New, however, to Silver Strike is the ability for players to compete against one another in LIVE tournaments! Aside from the addition of Prize Play, Silver Strike LIVE also provides players with the opportunity to customize their equipment and bowlers. There is also a new game mode, Spare Challenge, which really tests a player’s ability to pick up tricky spares

Specifications: W 25.5″ H 85.75″ D 53.25″

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